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Automatic Asphalt Plant Control System and Electrical control panel

As an end-to-end supplier, we’re able to provide asphalt plant control systems that are capable of controlling the entire asphalt plant from one terminal. We continuously develop the software that we’ve created in-house to ensure that all the needs of the ever-changing asphalt and aggregates industries are being met.

Our asphalt plant software has quickly built up a solid user base throughout the Pakistan . we can customize it to integrate with any asphalt plant.

With years of experience within the asphalt industry, we’re able to offer asphalt plant automation control software which will allow you to optimize your production and quality.

Asphalt Process Control

Our Asphalt plant Control Systems are designed specifically for asphalt plants, we have used our industry knowledge gained over years of working in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia(KSA), United Arab Emirates(UAE). we also use our customers to provide details of requirements and preferences along with industry technical data. Our systems are designed to achieve four main objectives.

  • to provide production records
  • to optimise plant throughput rates
  • to achieve the required accuracy
  • to do all this in a way that makes it easier for the plant operators

Our range of asphalt batching systems are designed to suit all markets, these will range from small site mixing applications to large mixing applications. In addition to these plant management systems we can design and supply systems for any type of plant.

Plant Management

we have developed a suite of office management tools and facilities to provide complete control. This ranges from a quotation system through order control and plant shipping with truck scheduling and invoicing. In addition to these key elements of asphalt production we also offer a technical package to collate, archive and provide easy access to all the available reports along with off-line mix design control.

Industrial Control

Our engineering expertise allows us to provide systems as well as bitumen monitoring, aggregate loading and other customer specified control. We can supply these at various levels of complexity and detail. This includes utilizing our software design engineers, our hardware equipment design engineers, our internal panel building facility, our installation team and our support engineers.

At Malik Automation we understand the importance of reliability and of keeping any down time to a minimum. All of our systems are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure their reliability. In addition to this we offer unrivaled service cover, providing guaranteed response times and immediate support facilities through our range of standard and tailor made service and support agreements.

Concrete Batching Plant computerize control system control entire plant with PLC, HMI and SCADA software.

Concrete Batching Control System Feature

1- Fully automatic and semi-auto production, or manual operation.
2- unlimited recipes with parameters for flexible production of various concrete mixes.
3- Manual and automatic free-fall correction for all components and monitoring of batching tolerance and time.
4- Material consumption statistics for all batched materials.
5- Incentory administration
6-Double Batch safety
7- The control system has the function of automatic zero adjusting. It can set zero automatically when hopper has small amount of adhesive.
8- Factory bench tested with plant simulation before shipping
9-Complete panel drawing , operation manual on CD and installed on the PC.
10-The system can be utilized with most simplicity by non-qualified personnel.

We can also upgrade your Manual Batching Plant or old Bathing plant or New Batching Plant with computerize Bathing Plant control system.

Service Support

When choosing Malik Automation to provide your control needs, you are not only buying an industry leading solution, but this is just the start of things. We pride ourselves in not just selling high quality batching solutions, but in supporting our customers during the life of the system. This is done by supporting the systems, sharing industry knowledge, suggesting improvement ideas and designing systems with the future in mind. Wherever possible we build future expansion capacity into our systems to ensure that the control system grows with your business.

We offer a free consultation for all concrete plant automation projects, call us today!

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