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Main Distribution Board/ LV Panels

A Main Distribution Board(MDB)/Power Panel/LV Panel is a component of an electrical distribution system that divides an electrical power feed into branch circuits while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure.


Submain Distribution Board (SMDB) & Distribution Boards (DB)

The sub route from main distribution board has called SMDB (Sub Main Distribution Board). This panel distribute several sub feeders to different location. These panels are located and installed in the middle of power distribution system. Modular low voltage switchgear panels incorporating standard type tested and vendor approved ready to wire configurations.

The Distribution panels are feeds electrical energy to the end user and these are fed from Sub Distribution Board.

Motor Control Center (MCC)

Motor Control Center in Pakistan

The Motor Control Center (MCC) means that the combination of starter in a single enclosure containing the Motor starter, Moulded Circuit Breaker, Earth leakage Devices, Fuses and a device for disconnecting power. And other devices are accompanied with the motor, such as Indication lamp, Selector switch, HMI, Pushbuttons may also be included.

Instrumentation Panels

Instrumentation Panel in Pakistan

Instrumentation Control Panels are designed to monitor and control such as temperature, flow, current, and pressure from the field instruments that are connected to it.

PLC Panels

PLC Panel in Pakistan

PLC Control Panel is used to automate a machine or plant process control and montioring with HMI or SCADA system to improve operational efficiency and quality.