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Renewable Energy Monitoring System

Professional Green Power Monitoring System for Better Life

In recent years, an increasing number of solar power stations have been built in Pakistan. The monitoring, operation and management of these photovoltaic power stations is a common concern among power generators and grid companies.  Malik Automation’s Solar Power Monitoring System enables comprehensive data acquisition and analyses for distributed solar power facilities and realizes remote operation and maintenance to allow for effective management over equipment and assets of the power stations. It provides a unified platform for unified intelligent management over a great number of distributed power stations, integrating monitored data of all kinds into unified databases which can provide different users with different needs. This integrated management system provides a carrier for adding new equipment at optimal cost-effectiveness.

Project Introduction

Malik Automation provides total solutions for a solar power monitoring system, which are mainly composed of Malik Automation’s products of WebAccess software, data acquisition modules, communication modules and industrial servers. Malik Automation’s solutions enable data acquisition from PV subsystems and data analyses, remote operation and maintenance of solar power stations, and effective management over the equipment and assets of the power stations.

Application Scenarios

This system can provide monitoring and control over ground-mounted, roof-mounted and building-mounted solar power applications.

Typical Solar Power Monitoring Architecture

  • Field data acquisition: using  industrial grade embedded and low power fanless systems to collect and transmit data acquired from photovoltaic power stations.
  • Data transmission: using industrial grade Ethernet switches and wireless modules to ensure real time, stable and secured data transmission.
  • Data storage and analyses: using intelligent solar power management software SPMS to establish connection of solar power monitoring system, GIS and video monitoring system with unified data interfaces

WebAccess Software Features

  • Compliant with China’s national technical guidelines on data interfaces of online inspection system for photovoltaic power stations
  • Compliant with China’s national technical guidelines on data interfaces of monitoring system for building-mounted renewable energy generators
  • Enables remote maintenance and collaborative development by users at different sites
  • Open application platform with extremely good scalability
  • Seamless integration and connection with other systems
  • Supports dynamic IP communication solutions
  • Supports DDNS functions that automatically mirror and update changing IP addresses to enable real time data acquisition and transmission in a dynamic IP communication network
  • Seamlessly integrated with GIS and video systems
  • Outstanding and vivid industrial interface performance
  • Enables end-users to browse engineering images via mobile phones or tablets without needing to install plug-ins