Integrated Control Systems (ICS)

Process Control Systems (PCS)

Process control systems are the backbone of any modern industry. At Malik Automation we offer the best process control systems available in the global market. Our vendor neutral system design approach allows plant operators to achieve highest levels of efficiency while ensuring a safe and compliant industry operation. Our range of process control systems is extremely flexible; from PLC, HMI & SCADA based control systems for small to large industry.

We offer best process control system (PCS) as per industry requirement.

Power Management Systems (PMS)

Plant managers recognize the importance of ensuring electrical system uptime and reducing overall energy consumption for efficient operations and sustained productivity levels of industry. For this very reason they look for a Power Management System that not only improves the reliability of electrical distribution but also optimizes generation and reduces overall consumption as well.

Malik Automation offers Power Management Solutions (PMS) that fulfill all these requirements. Our solutions are designed based on proven tested load sharing and load shedding philosophies that help our customers achieve a reliable and stable energy supply for specific plant operations. With our global chain of offices around the world we at Malik Automation also understand how geographical diversity affects system reliability. Our teams understand the importance of needs and deliver solutions customized to requirements making Malik Automation the ideal choice.

Plant Information Management Systems (PIMS)

Process historians are a need of the hour for plant managers who want to improve plant efficiency and compare it with past results. Most managers look for historians that are easy to use and understand, and have a seamless integration with their currently installed systems. An efficient process historian can act as a great troubleshooting tool for engineers and operators a like to identify abnormalities and deviations in process and address them timely to avoid loss of precious production uptime.

we offer you a process historian suitable to your specific needs and help you install and integrate them with your existing systems.

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