Oil & Gas Solutions

Oil & Gas Solutions

Establishing “Intelligent Oil Fields” to Eliminate “Information Dead Zones”

Malik Automation’s Internet of Things (IoT) solutions uses WebAccess as intermediate software for constructing a platform connecting all equipment and databases to enable remote data sharing and remote maintenance with convenience, rapidness, high efficiency and cost reduction. As the first configuration software to adopt Brower/Server open structure, WebAccess is highly scalable, easy to maintain and to upgrade, suitable for constructing complicate and large-scale application systems.

With Malik Automation IoT solutions, oil and gas industry can realize remote data acquisition and real time monitoring and control cross all their production activities–from oil drilling to pipeline maintenance. Authorized workers can operate common databases with any end device connected to the net, solving problems with simple clicks. The managerial staff can also keep an eye on their company’s production status with integrated analyses provided from the databases.

Project Introduction

Malik Automation oil and gas IoT solutions enable data acquisition via sensory layer and digital communication via transmission layer, and use WebAccess to connect the application layer. In that way they help oil and gas companies to construct a comprehensive IoT system which is able to cover each link of their operations, from production, transportation, storage to sales.

Application Scenarios

  • For oil field drilling monitoring system, WebAccess functions to collect and process data from remote terminal units (RTUs), save data in appointed databases, produce graphs and implement real time monitoring and control over the operation status at the wells.
  • For pipeline monitoring system, WebAccess serves to help data gateways to transfer protocols into a standard language and transmit data up to the monitoring control center.
  •  For intelligent equipment monitoring system, WebAccess works as HMI/SCADA software to implement remote monitoring and control over on-site intelligent equipment.

WebAccess Software Features for Oil & Gas Applications

  • Real time acquisition and process of data in the monitoring system to create graphs and databases.
  • Brower-based applications to allow authorized users to log in the system to conduct remote operations, anywhere and anytime.
  • Capable of transferring different communication protocols, suited to serve data gateways and be applied in a large-scale pipeline monitoring system that often needs communication protocol transfers.
  • First configuration software to adopt B/S networking technology to create open application platform with ultra high degree of scalability.
  • Optional SCADA nodes to provide various multiple solutions for constructing large systems.