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Electrical Thermography Inspection in Pakistan


Distribution Panels

25% of the fires happening are associated with electrical system failures, like failure of terminals, electrical insulation and related components.
Electrical switchgear and distribution panels are the use to supply electricity to commercial, manufacturing and industrial buildings. Without it, production stops and money are lost. thermography is a proven tool to identify electrical problems prior to failure, allowing our clients to take proactive steps to prevent costly and sometimes dangerous electrical outages.

Electrical Thermography in Pakistan

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Thermography can identify following issues:

  • High resistance connections
  • Hot spots
  • Over loaded cables
  • Over loaded fuses or breakers
  • Imminent motor or conveyor bearing failure
  • Motor windings over heating
  • Overheating in distribution equipment
  • Phase load imbalance
  • Hot spots in high level lighting (easily scanned from the floor)
  • Heat build-up in overcrowded trucking
  • Thermal insulation breakdown (hot or cold)
  • Thermal loss
  • Damp ingress

Fire Thermography Inspection in Pakistan