siemens plc

PLCs from Siemens provides cost-effective automation solutions on all performance levels – with consistent functionality and standardized interfaces, perfectly optimized for applications with requirements ranging from simple to complex.

In addition to best performance, the new controller generation provides the advantage of scalability and functional consistency. The range of SIMATIC controllers starts from logic module to advanced level controllers.

S7 200 plc

Siemens S7 200

S7 300 plc

Siemens S7 300

S7 400 plc

Siemens S7 400

S71200 plc

Siemens S7 1200

Allen Bradley

Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation offers large, micro, nano and small control systems to fit most demanding application needs. Large programmable automation controllers (PACs) and programmable logic controllers provide exceptional reliability and performance.
Micro and nano PLCs provide economical solutions to basic control needs for simple machines ranging from relay replacement to simple control timing and logic. Small controllers offer the features and flexibility without the overhead of larger systems. Typical applications include complex machine control, batch processing and building automation.

Allen Bradley Micrologix

Allen Bradley Micro 850

Allen Bradley Controllogix

Allen Bradley Compactlogix

Allen Bradley SLC

Schneider offers UnityPro soft, Twido soft and modicon Quantum PLC’S. UnityPro soft used in Building industry for control systems for small machines, decentralized control systems on equipment annexed to large and medium-sized machines. Building/Service sector used for lighting management, access control, control and monitoring, heating and air conditioning controls.

Twido soft used for Simple stand-alone installations such as lighting management, heating and air conditioning, access control, control/monitoring, conveyers, lifts, automatic dispensers, etc

Modicon Quantum Offering a large range of processors. It is ideal for complex processes. The power of its processors results in optimum cycle times, while integrating ever more communication functions, diagnostics, memory flexibility and data storage.

Range of compact Smart RTU combining capabilities of remote terminal units with the power of Programmable Logic Controller and designed to run in challenging remote environment. Supporting open event-driven protocols such as DNP3 and IEC 60870-5, the SCADAPack 300E and ES range provide a scalable controller platform that ensure end to end reliable and secure control and monitoring of remote asset in critical infrastructure.

Range of compact Smart RTU combining capabilities of remote terminal units with the power of Programmable Logic Controller and designed to run in challenging remote environment. Optimised for Modbus-centric control and monitoring application in the most remote and challenging environments, the SCADAPack 100/300/32 range provides smart controller platform solutions with energy-efficiency, ruggedness and and cost-efficiency in mind

Renowned for the innovation and application of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions, the development of powerful and reliable industrial software capable of withstanding the rigors of large-scale operations is one of Citect SCADA’s core strengths.

With a heritage founded on research and development, the added backing and expertise of Schneider Electric enables Citect SCADA to further expand this focus and produce a growing portfolio of world class and cost effective integrated control solutions for their customers