About Us

Malik Automation has a very long  history of providing automation & industrial solutions that help our customers improve operational efficiency and quality, in their product, processes, and machine & plant control systems.

Malik Automation Lahore, Pakistan have wast experience in PLC Automation for Process Control, RTU Automation for remote site control or remote telemetry control and monitoring, HMI and SCADA local and network Operator Interface.

We are expert in following industries.

 Food & Beverage                               Water                               Oil / Gas                               Pharmaceutical

We align process experts team with each  and every project to ensure that the needs of the customer are met .  With our experience in many application environments, along with our understanding of technology trends and industry standards, we design creative solutions that make you more competitive.

Automation Standards Development & Programs

Malik Automation Lahore, Pakistan has developed a set of pre designed and pre tested process standards, drawings, software code, and supporting documentation specifically designed to address the technical requirements of the customer through process specific customization. This library of Electrical Drawing Templates, PLC, RTU, HMI and  SCADA screens / objects allow. Malik Automation Lahore Pakistan  automation standard templates and tools are instrumental in insuring the development of a system is executed in the most efficient manner with the most possible reuse. In addition to reuse, the resultant application is consistent from line to line and system to system to insure the deepest understanding among the factory and plant technical resources in support of the system.

Process Information from Automation

Automation technology plays a vital role in the success of any industry / organization today . Malik Automation helps to our client close the technology gap that exists between the manufacturing floor and the Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP). The success of Manufacturing Information System (MES) and a connected ERP often hinges on the quality and reliability of the data provided from the automation layer. Malik Automation Lahore, Pakistan specializes in developing solutions as per industry requirment.

Malik Automation Supports Many Automation Platforms Including

PLC Platforms:

Allen Bradley / Rockwell ControlLogix, Compactlogix, Micrologix, Micro 850 & SLC500

Schneider / Modicon – M340Modicon – M580

SiemensS7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 , S71500




RTU Platforms:





SCADA Platforms:

Vijeo Citect

Factory Talk View



DCS Platforms: