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Temperature Dataloggers

Malik Automation in Lahore Pakistan provide Data Loggers Temperature & Humidity Recorder  and data monitoring system  for measures temperature , humidity , Pressure and Flow values in sensitive goods and products in the surroundings and in processes. The measurement data transfer through wifi and/or Ethernet connection to a Base station to documents and monitors all measurement data. All data save in database server or online cloud database .If set point limit values are exceeded, system can send a number of alarm options such as SMS or e-mail alarm or alarm relay are available.

Temperature data loggers are used for temperature and humidity monitoring and are above all employed in the industrial sector, where temperature and humidity play a major role. The temperature logger saves the data. These data have to be transmitted to the PC for analysis.The temperature datalogger that is equipped in this way:

  • checks the temperature
  • controls the humidity values
  • saves time and costs
  • transmits the data via Ethernet or radio
  • offers alarm notification options

Use our WiFi-enabled data loggers to enjoy real-time temperature and humidity data collection and monitoring at anytime, from anywhere in the world over a local network or via an internet connection. Leverage your existing WiFi network with the built-in WiFi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity to avoid expensive installation costs for managing temperature data. Ethernet enabled loggers will allow you to wirelessly monitor multiple floors, buildings, rooms and locations simultaneously. Secure wireless encryption with WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK.

Our advanced software can be programmed by the user to detect high and low temperature, and high and low humidity excursions. Also, detect different alarms and send alert notifications via e-mail for facilities management control. with secure supervisory controls, will allow database creations for products, part numbers, dates, locations, identification numbers, statistical analysis, and more.

Our Wifi-enabled dataloggers perfect for quality assurance and quality control, monitoring low temperature food, cold storage,  pharma industries via state of the art high performance temperature sensors and data logging.

Energy Auditing

Understanding where energy consumption and loss occurs within buildings is necessary for developing a strategy to improve energy efficiency. As an important first step towards energy conservation, energy audits work to analyze energy flow within buildings and identify opportunities to optimize performance and better manage energy expenses.

In conducting energy audits, a range of diverse information is collected and assimilated for analysis. This can include system performance data, energy and  power usage, weather data, and information related to the building’s features and envelope.

Onset provides a suite of industry-leading data loggers, sensors, and software for collecting and analyzing key information utilized in energy audits. Onset’s industry-leading tools allow energy auditing experts to capture accurate energy and performance data for characterizing the energy profile of buildings, managing peak demand, reducing energy losses, and ensuring the efficient operation of equipment, leading to better decisions for saving energy.

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