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Facility Monitoring & Control System

Optimized Your Facility Management for High-tech Factories

For hi-tech factories that operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the occurrence of unstable voltage, fire alarm, gas leaks or liquid leaks is likely to reduce production rate and even result in downtime incurring huge losses. These factories, for example, plants for fabricating semiconductors, TFT-LCD panels, multi-crystalline solar cells, or LED, usually use facilities such as high-voltage equipment, emergency power supply system, nitrogen or other special gas system, ultra-pure water systems, waste water treatment equipment or clean rooms to supply continuous production.  Malik Automation Facility Monitoring and Control System is especially designed for hi-tech plants to provide automatic monitoring over their facilities, which takes control of power supply systems, water treatment systems, gas supply systems, clean rooms and other plant facilities and closely watches over their status with automatic detection and real time alerts and alarms which will notify plant workers if any abnormal situation happens, so as to reduce downtime as well as minimize production losses.

Solution Introduction

Malik Automation’s Facility Monitoring and Control System constructs an internal network in the plant based on Client/Server structure with monitoring host, data acquisition controllers and software suites provided by Malik Automation, which realizes operational simplicity, information security and high scalability. The software installed in the host provides default screen images to facilitate system integrators to map out their applications; while programming software installed in the controllers provides logistic and arithmetic calculations to fulfill control demands. To meet the requirements of the high-tech plants for 24/7 operation, a redundant architecture is also provided which will shift the job to a backup system if the main system suffers a power outage or communication interruption.

  • Water system: raw water supply; ultra pure water supply; waste water treatment; water reclamation
  • Electric system: 220/110 KV high voltage power monitoring; emergent power generator; dynamic/static uninterruptible power supplies; electric busses; high voltage switch gears, low voltage power meters
  • Gas system: toxic gas detection; gas cabinet operation; valve box operation; general gases
  • HVAC system: clean room operation; acid exhaust; process cooling water; general air-conditioning

Typical Architecture of Facility Monitoring & Control System

  • The monitoring system is composed of data acquisition controllers, monitoring host and pre-installed facility monitoring & control software.
  • Expandable network scale based on the expansion of facilities to ensure communication efficiency and reliability.
  • Adjustable in accordance with the scale of factory facilities and the dates of their establishment without influencing existing system operation efficiency.

WebAccess Software Features

  • Provides easy-to-use and easy-to-understand graphic interfaces, e.g., all-area alarm overview feature to reduce the workload for workers on duty and all-area equipment overview to allow operators to understand resource usage status in the plant.
  • The database up-moving function integrates sub-system and central center database with simple clicks and reduces time for data comparisons and thus improves efficiency, which is ideal for time-pressing hi-tech factories.
  • With wireless LAN the system can realize mobile management and remote maintenance.