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Load Cell Weighing Control Solutions

Are high profitability, cost management, quality and reduced waste key themes for your customers? If you are supplying machines, production lines, or systems, Malik Automation can help you with the most advanced sensors for continuous, batch and discrete processes with connectivity to automation systems that you control.

We provide load cell weighing control solution in Pakistan with PLC, HMI & SCADA to following industries.

Pharma and Biotech Industries

Cosmetics Industry

Medicine and Health

Chemical Manufacturing Industry

Tire and Rubber Industries

Paint and Coatings Industry

Milk and Milky Products Industries

Food Processing

Textile and Yarn Industry

Agriculture and Livestock

Machinery Manufacturing

Material receiving and storage

Advance Weighing

  1. Axle Weighing
  2. Conveyor Scale
  3. Weigh Feeders
  4. Batch Feeders
  5. Silos Weighing