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Cold Store Insulation Assessment Using Thermal Imaging

Cold store insulation thermal imaging surveys are carried out during normal operations. Malik Automation surveyors are highly experienced in conducting surveys of cold stores and freezers to identify insulation defects, water ingress within insulation and to also identify warm air ingress into stores which can create severe problems.



Cold Store Thermography Pakistan

Cold Store Thermography Lahore

Thermal imaging of cold store insulation and freezer systems allows us to identify problems within the fabric of the walls and roof.

A cold store insulation inspection by thermal imaging is best carried out within the store itself and after the cold store has been operational for at least 24 hours.

Our experienced thermal imaging surveyors will carry out your cold store insulation inspection and record images of all anomalies identified. We will then produce a report which will detail our findings and recommendations which will allow you to understand what the issues are and what remedial work is required.

We only use high resolution thermal imaging equipment . This level of equipment combined with our surveyors knowledge and experience make us one of the leading thermal imaging surveyors for cold store insulation companies in the Pakistan.

A cold store insulation thermal imaging survey can be used to:

Identify causes of icing or frost formation on walls & roof areas
Identify air ingress into the store
Identify heat sources within the store
Identify causes of excess energy usage to maintain setpoints
Validate the build and insulation continuity of a new store.
Our report would be issued within 4 working days of completion of the survey.

The survey is carried out on foot using hand held thermal imaging equipment. This means that normal operations within the store are not affected by the survey and there is no disruption to site activities.

Contact us to get a free quotation to carry out your thermal imaging cold store insulation survey. Provide some basic information such as location, size and internal temperatures and we will be able to provide a quotation.