Water Treatment Monitoring Solutions

Water Treatment Monitoring Solutions

Malik Automation understand the vital importance of water industry and offers comprehensive water solutions, aims to provide network platforms to implement remote monitoring, control and management over waterborne transport, water supply, sewage treatment, etc, to optimize operations of facilities and conserve resources. Water facilities such as tap water treatment and supply systems, urban sewage treatment systems or hydrologic information systems, are closely related to people’s life quality and security. The crafts and procedures in volved in these systems are really complicate—for example, the purification of tap water usually requires three to four filtration processes in order to transform raw sewage into safe drinking water. Malik Automation solutions enable computerized parameter settings and networked remote monitoring control and data analyses, which will help to ensure the quality and efficiency of tap water treatment and supply.

Project Introduction

The water industry covers an extensive range from water resource distribution systems, raw water collection and distribution systems, water supply pumping systems, tap water monitoring control systems, booster pump stations monitoring control systems, urban pipeline monitoring control systems, sewage pump station monitoring control systems to sewage treatment monitoring control systems, and more. Targeting these applications, Malik Automation provides solutions for constructing control and communication platforms with soft-and-hardware products including programmable automation controllers (PAC), Ethernet switches and HMI/SCADA.

Typical Water Application Scenarios

Take sewage treatment as an example, Malik Automation provides PAC controllers to enable automatic execution of sewage treatment processes, as well as data acquisition and transmission equipment to forward data acquired form sensors and controllers to the control center. The HMI/SCADA software installed in the host at the control center, with a B/S (Browser/Server) networking structure, not only can implement centralized data treatment and applications but also allow client users at remote sites to browse and operate the system—for example, to start or stop the operation of pumps, which will help to greatly increase the efficiency of sewage treatment.

WebAccess Software Features

  • First configuration software in the market to adopt B/S networking technology which allows users to implement remote monitoring and control with a standard IE browser; powerful capabilities of remote diagnoses and remote maintenance are very useful for large systems like water resource distribution center.
  • Application platform with an open structure to provide excellent scalability for constructing large systems quickly.
  • Integrating 3D, Flash and WebGIS to provide easy-to-read and vividly presented data.
  • DDNS functions to solve communication problems in a dynamic IP network.
  • Support functions of alerts and alarms, video monitoring, and remote monitoring and control via mobile phones.